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Baked with love

I found this new site recently. It’s a big fat huge gigantic pinboard. One location to keep all sorts of cool stuff pinned so I can always see them. Craft ideas, decorating ideas, photography inspiration, and recipes are just a few of my pinboards.

It’s SO fun.

Also…it might be a little bit of a time thief. For real.

I’m not the best time manager so I can’t hang out there much. Cause really, I think I could spend an entire afternoon clicking on link after link after link.

I recently found a pin with these sweet cinnamon rolls. I made them on Monday for the kiddos. Uncooked you could really tell what they were. Once they were cooked I didn’t think it was quite as obvious. However, both the little girls commented on them. And they loved them. Which made me pretty pleased. Nothing like starting the morning off with happy little girls! (The big kids liked them too but they were with me when I was making them so it wasn’t a surprise for them.)

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